After a long journey, we are ready to share our new chapter

Hello, this is Hye-C, founder of Florishe. In 2017, I embarked on a journey to work on my dream company Florishe. Today, I would like to share my story with you.

After spending years at a management consulting firm, I wanted to create something that can directly touch people's hearts and make differences in our society. The years at the consulting firm were fun and comfortable. But.. I was just ready for something more. Something real... So I did some soul searching and decided to focus on what I love and something that's ingrained in my culture: beauty that combines wellness! 

I wanted this company to help people flourish from the inside out by using our products and by working with us or within the company. 

According to a dictionary, flourish means 'grow or develop in a healthy or a vigorous way in a favorable environment'.

So I named the company Florishe and started my journey to create this healthier, sustainable, and natural brand. 

I thought this could be done overnight like how we hear from many podcasts and founding stories. But no, that wasn't the case, I felt every possible learning and growing pain along the journey. Sometimes I thought I must have lost my mind to leave all the comfortable life behind and jump on this.

I wouldn't change anything though. My dream to create a customer centric wellness/ beauty brand is on full stream! Now, I am proud to share some of stories behind our brand with you. 

Natural. Sustainable. Healthy. - Florishe

Skincare that's Like Soul Food for Your Skin


Koreans used to store Kimchi and vegetables in these jars back in the old days. These jars are called "Hangari." Our bottle's shape represents Hangari as Florishe's products are like healthy vegetables for your skin. 

Magical Rejuvenator that's Simplified & Healthy

With attention to every aspect, ingredients, and design, our Camellia Collection is carefully crafted and simplified for you. Our luxuriously rich Camellia Full-blossom Serum deeply rejuvenates and moisturizes with just a drop of it. Once a week, pamper yourself with Camellia Ultra Rejuvenating Facial Treatment to give extra radiance to your look.

Sustainably Farmed, Hand-Picked & Transparent

Our ingredients are sourced from small farms in Korea. From early April through September, our green tea leaves are carefully handpicked by local farmers.

We are excited to have you join our journey. Please share this article with people around you. Learn more about our products by visiting here

Love, Hye-C

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